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Re: Safe Community Conference in Arusha, Tanzania

This mail might be of interest to some of you. Specifically:
- debian-news : could you feature this to help finding volunteers (who
  possibly whould not need to travel too far)
- debian-med : this might be of specific interest to you
- debian-events-* : there is no mailing list for Africa, maybe some of
  you know people who can help.
- Mr. Wilson - please read below ;)

[quoted in full for information for most of you...]
begin  quotation  from Michael L. Wilson (in <52A89AFD.30702@peercorpstrust.org>):
> I hope that this email has found the Debian community well. 

It has.

> By way of introduction my name is Michael Wilson and I currently serve as
> the Director of the PeerCorps Centre for Injury Prevention. We are a
> non-governmental organization institute based in Tanzania, East Africa.
> Our primary aim lies in preventing various forms of trauma such as those
> which might occur in the traffic environment, burns, poisoning and falls.
> Next year, in collaboration with the World Health Organization
> Collaborating Centre for Safe Communities, we will host a regional
> conference on safety in Arusha, Tanzania. Participants will come from the
> East African region, Europe and elsewhere.
> I write with the aim of establishing whether there might be interest
> within the Debian community in participating in the conference to promote
> the use of the Debian OS and free software in science, government and
> healthcare (GNU Health). PeerCorps is an advocate of FLOSS software.
> The anticipated audience at the conference includes policy makers,
> healthcare professionals, scientists, community-activists and government
> officials. Thus, it represents a particularly attractive venue for the
> promotion of the Debian OS and free software.
> What we are intending to offer is a reserved space in an exhibition hall.
> While other anticipated sponsors will register their tables for a
> sponsorship fee, we would like to provide the space and table to the
> Debian community free of cost.
> If this idea is one that your side might be willing to support, I would
> very much like to hear from you and of ways in which this might be
> mutually beneficial.

Ok, this is interesting but problematic. We are a volunteer based
organization, and as such funding intercontinental flights is difficult.
I will forward this mail to different subgroups which might be interested
in helping out. (I myself would probably not afford it but might come if

> -- 
> Michael L. Wilson
> PeerCorps Trust Fund - Tanzania
> www.peercorpsglobal.org (Blog)
> www.peercorpstrust.org (Web)
> East African Safe Community Network
> http://www.ki.se/csp/safecom/networks/east_african.htm


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coerced, comply as much as you must to protect yourself, just don't support
it. Noone can free you but yourself. (crag, on Debian Planet)
Arne Wichmann (aw@linux.de)

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