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Final Report Berlin Debian Bug Squashing Party 14.-16.9.2012


The Berlin Bug Squashing Party is almost two weeks over now, so a final
report is overdue! So here we are:
The BSP was a great success! On Friday, the weather basically forced us
to have a barbecue in the evening sun at the nice terrace of Buero 2.0.
One first time Debian BSP attendee, when asked to sum up his
impressions of the evening in one word, replied "tasty". This was made
possible also due to delicious food contributions (Tiramisu!) from the
community. (-:
But we also got a lot of work done; during the course of the weekend,
approximately 25 people attended the bug squashing party, many coming
multiple days. We were especially happy to see so many people coming to
a Debian BSP for the first time; nice to see new faces! (-: Overall
we had a lot more attendees than we expected, and consequently the list
of squashed bugs kept growing, to reach this final numbers:
* New release critical bugs found: 1
* Release critical bugs fixed: 7
* Existing fixes for release critical bugs tested & sponsored: 6
* Release critical bugs downgraded or closed as invalid: 11
* Release critical bugs closed by removing the package: 5
* A handful of patches for non-release critical bugs
* Screenshots uploaded to screenshots.debian.net: 1
* A hard-to-measure number of german translations
* Lots of fun

Also, we had two workshops about debian package building and bug
squashing particularily on Friday and Saturday. I hope we all learned a
lot; I for one did.

If you missed the fun, fear not: In November there will be a BSP in
Essen which could be interesting for you [BSPEssen] and we'll certainly
have another BSP in Berlin some day. The next BSP will happen sooner if
you organize one. (-;




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