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Re: FrOSCon 2012

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 05:31:37PM +0200, David wrote:

Hi David,

> Will bring my Laptop (17" HPDV9700), Wheezy fresh installed. Then at
> booth there may be a computer with Squeeze - and mine with Wheezy.
> Will arrive Friday approx. 19:30.

Cool, as far as I know Axel and Evgeni will bring some equipment aswell
so that's definetly solved.

> Want to help Sat + Sun afternoon at Debian booth and Sat + Sun
> morning in kitchen and reception, and do a Lightning Talk on Sunday.

Sounds great, please add yourself to the Wiki page

If you help with the conference itself I guess we don't have to add
you explicitly to the Debian booth personal list because you've a badge

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