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Bug Squashing Party in Berlin; 14.-16. September 2012

Hi all,

we will be finding and fixing bugs in Berlin!
We're aiming at having fun while getting some work done to make the
next Debian release even better. Besides freeze and the upcoming
release there are plenty of other things to do. Lets do it, together,
at the party. Everybody is invited - especially newcomers! We will
start the weekend with an introduction to bugreporting & bug fixing for
beginners. There is no need to be a programmer to help, we got plenty
of tasks for non-technicals, too. Release notes and documentation
always need some review, a lot of testing is needed as well. There is
a task for everybody.

The party will go on the whole weekend from friday evening till
sunday, 14.-16. September 2012 at Büro 2.0, Weigandufer 45, 12059 in
Berlin thanks to Frank and the awesome buero 2.0. We can even use the
roof terrace for bbq. (-:

All the details and a list of participants (where you should add
yourself really soon now) can be found at 
http://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2012/09/de/Berlin .

If you do not live in Berlin and don't know where to stay, but would
like to come, please indicate so in the wiki, crash space should be no

See you in September in Berlin + Cheers,


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