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BSP in Dublin, take II

[CC'ing TOG, the Dublin Hackerspace, as people in there might be
interested in attending too]


The last attempt, started by Phillip Ashmore, finally didn't happen.
So I am starting again an effort to run a Debian BSP in Dublin.

This time, I have already a place for it: the Google offices in Barrow
street. I still have to sort out some details, and speficically, the
exact dates, but my idea is to hold it on a weekend between 25/8 and
16/9, depending on the availability of people who want to
participate/help organise.

If you want to be part of it, please fill the Doodle (sorry,
propietary software, but at least it does not force you to create an
account) with the dates that would work for you:

Stay tuned for updates...

Martín Ferrari

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