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Kirchentag Hamburg 2012


the next german evangelic church day will be held from may, 1st - 5th 2013. 
This is again an opportunity to tell thousands of people about free software.

At least two opportunities for participation exist:

 * provide and maintain machines for an internet cafe:
   - low cost
   - possibilitate de expositie
   - machines can run linux
   - Probably other participants could be convinced to run free software. 
     There'll be a preparation meeting.

 * run a booth

   - 295 Euro for 12 m2
   - 995 Euro for 24 m2

The termen for registration for both options is august 31st, 2012.
I'll participate with another organisation and thus would only be available 
for preparation work. 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro

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