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[Fwd: Libre Software Meeting (LSM), Call for Papers]

A call about the Libre Software Meeting:

«The Libre Software Meeting (LSM) is a cycle of conferences, workshops
and round tables about Free Software and its many uses. All this in a
friendly and non-commercial context.

This event takes place every year in a different city, bringing together
thousands of people. The 13th edition of the Libre Software Meeting will
take place for the first time in Switzerland, in Geneva from the 7th to
the 12th of July 2012.

Participation is free of charge and open to all.»

If you want to doing conferences, workshops and round tables more
information at: http://2012.rmll.info/en/participate/call-for-papers

Gendre Sébastien <paradoxe@mail.temporal-system.cc>

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