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Re: CeBIT 2012 booth?


Am 12.02.2012 14:12, schrieb Jan Hauke Rahm:

>> Last week I hat a short chat with Univention.  As it turns out, they can
>> still give us a demo point at their booth till the 12nd of January.  In
>> case we are not able to man a demo point for the CeBIT, they offered us
>> two talk slots on their show stage.
> Am I right assuming (after reading this thread) that Debian will not
> officially be at this year's CeBIT?

Yes.  That's right.  No Debian at this years CeBIT :(

However, I would like to point out, that Univention tried very hard to
help us here, including offering us two of their employed DDs for the
booth on two days to help staff it.  Sadly even that doesn't help us
enough :(

Best regards,

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