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Re: CeBIT 2012 booth?


> On Fri, 25 Nov 2011 19:41:26 +0100, Kai Wasserbäch wrote:
>> [Please CC me on all replies, I'm not subscribed to debian-events-eu.]


>> I just read, that the application period for FLOSS projects for a free booth in
>> the open-source area of CeBIT 2012 has opened. I didn't find anything in the
>> archives about whether an application is already planned or not.
> The Debian Events team was contacted on 2011-11-21 and we forwarded the
> email to Alexander Reichle-Schmehl (Bcc:ed) given that he was listed as
> the main coordinator for the Debian presence at CeBIT 2011:
>   <http://www.debian.org/events/2011/0301-cebit>
> Once the application is confirmed, we will add it to the Events page.

Yes, got the mails, thanks!

>> As I'm (almost) certainly at CeBIT again, I'd be willing to help man the booth.
> I guess Alexander will be glad to be helped, so please coordinate with him.

Not only am I glad to be helped, I would be glad to hand it over
completely, as I won't have the time to organize or man a booth. Sorry.

However, I should also point out, that for the last years we didn't had
a booth in open-source area, but were a sub-exhibitor at the Univention
[1] booth.

That's because four (?) years ago Debian was not accepted in the
Open-Source Area (as they wanted to have new projects present there, and
we where there the years before) but Univention gave us shelter
(together with the Deutsche Messe AG, who passed on some of the fees,
sub exhibitors usually have to pay).

In the following years it has always been easier for us to be guest at
the Univention booth, as the organizers of the open-source area always
took quite some time to actually confirm or reject applications for a
"booth" there.

Also the Univention booth usually had a better location and more
professional impression (and better catering!) than the open source
area.  So I whoever does the organization of Debian's CeBIT booth, I
would recommend to stay with Univention.

That being said, I would feel much better, if the organization of the
CeBIT booth would be done by someone a bit more experienced.  Nothing
against you Kai, but to the best of my knowledge, you haven't done
anything event related, yet.  So maybe someone with a bit more
experience could help you?  Any volunteers?

Best regards,

1: Univention (http://www.univention.de/) is a German company, using
Debian to base their cooperate server and desktop solution on.

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