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Hi folks,

FOSDEM preparations are firing up again; I've just requested a stand for
the project at the next edition (5th and 6th of February, 2011).

During previous years, we've always had some merchandise available for
sale, and also had some machine that would demo something interesting

I hope that by the time FOSDEM rolls around, squeeze will have released,
which means we'll have an official release of Debian/kFreeBSD around by
that time. As such, I'd like to suggest that we have a demo machine of
kFreeBSD (possibly with some CD's or DVD's that we can hand out)
available at the Debian booth.


Also, I've sent out a call for talks for the distribution miniconf (that
has taken the place of developers' rooms for distributions since last
year); while some people have suggested talks, there's still a load of
space available there. I'd also like to note that while the focus now
inevitably lies on cross-distribution talks, it's not unlikely that
Debian-specific talks will be accepted (though there obviously won't be
as much time for those as was the case up to two editions ago).


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