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Debian Bug-Squashing-Party 16-18th July in Munich, Germany

There will be a Bug-Squashing-Party in Munich over the weekend 17/18th
of July. It will start on Friday, 16th July at 18:00.

The BSP will take place again at the LiMux Project Office in the city
center.  See the wiki page for further information and directions:

Food and drinks for the event are sponsored by the City of Munich and
this amount (100 EUR) has been again matched by credativ GmbH.

Contributions by non-DDs are welcome; the BSP will be attended by
several Debian Developers who will be able to upload fixes.  There will
likely be an introductory session on Friday evening again for people who
have not attended a BSP yet.

We cannot guarantee accomodation (i.e. crash space) to people from
outside Munich at this point, so if you want to attend please contact
the Munich list (area-muc@teams.debian.net) beforehand or arrange your
own accomodation.  

Attendents are expected to bring along their notebooks, if you do not
have one, please also contact us so we can maybe arrange something.

See you there and happy bug squashing,


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