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debian.ch AGM 2010 on 2010-05-20

Hi all,

this is the announcement of the AGM 2010 of debian.ch:

  Date:  Thursday, 20th May 2010
  Time:  20:00-21:00 (CEST aka +0200)
  Place: irc://irc.debian.org/debian.ch (OFTC)

Current (temporary) Agenda

Apart from the anually re-occuring things from every AGM (e.g. the reports and elections[0]), the current temporary agenda contains the following additional items:

  - dba: Updating bylaws to current state of the art of legal writing

    The actuary proposes a new edition of the bylaws that are worded in
    the current lege artis, a longer mail with the diffs should be sent
    to community@lists.debian.ch before the final announcement of the
    AGM 2010. The proposed new bylaws will not change anything in
    substance though.

  - dba: Accepting bylaws translated to English as legally binding

    The actuary is doing a translation of the proposed new bylaws
    from German to English. Assuming the revised bylaws are accepted,
    he proposes to accept the English translation as legally binding
    alternative to the German ones. The translation should be sent
    to the mailinglist together with the revised bylaws (see above).

    Italian and French translations could be initiated after AGM 2010,
    assuming a qualified person can be found to create the translations,
    they could be declared as legally binding as well. Otherwise, they
    would stay as informal and unofficial translations for the time
    being (Luca and Didier already expressed their interest in probably
    doing that during AGM 2009).

  - dba: Changing the legal seat from Zurich to Bern.

    The actuary proposes to move the legal seat from Zurich to Bern,
    both for legal and political reasons.

  - dba: Write down in the protocol the reminder, that bylaws should be
    kept 'stable' for the next future, by not being tempted to put
    non-useful/non-required stuff inside.

  - mfk: revise membership:
    + membership should only be automatic for DDs with permanent
      residence in Switzerland
    + other DDs, and non-DDs with advocations, need to show up at the
      AGM when their membership is to be decided and introduce
      themselves, travel will (better: can) be funded.

  - mfk/ip(?): voluntary membership fee

Note about submitting items for the Agenda

Any member of debian.ch can submit items for the agenda either at anytime in advance, or at the AGM itself. However, all items of relevance must be announced properly, items of relevance brought up at the AGM cannot valid be voted upon. The deadline for items of relevance for the AGM 2010 is 2010-05-05 23:59:59 +0200.

Any non-member of debian.ch cannot directly submit items to the agenda, but indirectly by suggesting them to the actuary at info@debian.ch or any other member instead.

Final Agenda

The final agenda for the AGM 2010 will be sent on 2010-06-06.


[0] unless someone is extraordinarily stepping back from the board,
    there will be no elections on AGM 2010 since we've done elections
    for 2010 already on AGM 2009.

Address:        Daniel Baumann, Burgunderstrasse 3, CH-4562 Biberist
Email:          daniel.baumann@panthera-systems.net
Internet:       http://people.panthera-systems.net/~daniel-baumann/

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