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creativity contests at exhibitions


Galileo Press offered us (as in "the Debian team") to provide some
samples of their latest book on Debian [1] to be used on exhibitions,
e.g. for doing something like a lottery. I was thinking about accepting
that offer for FrOSCon and doing some sort of creativity contest.
However, I failed to come up with a good idea how that contest might
look like in detail, i.e. what exactly the contest could be about, how
to chose a winner, etc.

So, I'd like to know what others think about this idea in general and
I'm hoping for someone else to be more creative than I am in "designing"
that contest.


[1] http://www.galileocomputing.de/katalog/buecher/titel/gp/titelID-2084
    (in German)

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