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Re: Reserve space for your project at 25C3: The land grab is on

Manuel Prinz wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 21.11.2008, 12:39 +0100 schrieb Holger Levsen:
> > the following is a blog post about the upcoming 25C3 event... do we want (to 
> > populate) a Debian space there?
> I'll probably attend and know of at least one other DD who wants to
> attend. (Not including you. ;)) I think it'll be nice having a space as
> in the previous years. If you need assistance in planning/organizing
> that, feel free to mail me.

If you decide to maintain a project space could you write up something
that we could put up on www.debian.org/events/?  Please send the text
to events@debian.org (or commit directly).



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