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NLUUG autumn conference/Embedded Linux Conference Europe

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From: Armijn Hemel <armijn@uulug.nl>
Subject: NLUUG autumn conference/Embedded Linux Conference Europe

hi Martin,

the following might be interesting for embedded Debian folks, so if
you'd be so kind to forward it, I would appreciate it.

On November 6 NLUUG will organize a conference about 'Mobility' in Ede,
The Netherlands. At the same venue the CE Linux Forum will organize the
Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) on November 6/7. Registrations
for both conferences have started. On November 6 visitors of the NLUUG
autumn conference will get free entrance to ELCE and vice versa.

For more information about the programme and registration, please visit
our websites:



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Martin Michlmayr

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