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Upcoming Events in Europe


I've checked my events calendar[1] and found several exhibitions that
currently seem to lack a Debian presence.

Here's the list of events with the associated dates and locations:

  Sep 13-14   Italian Debian Community Conference    Bracciano     Italy
  Oct 7-10    Linux Kongress                         Hamburg       Germany
  Oct 21-24   Systems                                Munich        Germany
  Oct 28-30   Open Source Expo                       Mainz         Germany
  Nov 8       Linux-Info-Tag                         Dresden       Germany
  Nov 10      Linuxday Vorarlberg                    Dornbirn      Austria
  Nov 15-16   Come2Linux                             Essen         Germany
  Nov 15      Oldenburger Linux-Informationstag      Oldenburg     Germany

Are there Debian members living in the respective areas who are
interested in giving a talk about subjects related to Debian and/or
maintaining a booth with a computer to demonstrate the Universal OS?

I have a 50% OK for a booth at Linux Kongress.

We have been invited to Systems, coordination of this presence most
probably takes place at the Munich area list.  Interested people to
staff the booth are usually very welcome.

Coordination for the events can also take place in the Debian Wiki[2].



 1. http://www.infodrom.org/Linux/calendar.html
 2. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEventsDe

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