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DebianDayPT 2008 report

DebianDayPT 2008 Report

'DebianDayPT 2008' [1] took place in the University of Aveiro, Portugal
on the Debian's 15th anniversary (16-Aug-2008).
The event, attended by more than 50 Debian users/friends, had several
presentations [2] about Debian:
  * "Debian Project - what is it and how to help", by Pedro Ribeiro;
  * "Linux on the University of Aveiro", by João Rodrigues;
  * "GNU by the window" - a story (and discussion) about a Debian
implementation in schools, by Paulo Lapa;
  * "Debian Localization: i18n and l10n", by Miguel Figueiredo;
  * "10 years of Debian on FEUP (University of Porto)", by Nuno
  * "Server monitoring with Debian", by João Carneiro;
There was also room to share experiences and celebrate one more Debian
The general feeling among participants it's that it was a success and
should be repeated.
A local newspaper ('Diário de Aveiro') and radio covered the event, a
scan of the article is also available [3]. 
The article talks abaout the event, the spirit of the event and also
about the Debian Project.

1 - http://debiandaypt.debianpt.org
2 - http://debianday.debianpt.org/index.php/Apresenta%C3%A7%C3%B5es
3 - http://www.debianpt.org/files/images/debianday_diario_de_aveiro.jpg

Note: I'm not subscribed.

Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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