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Re: small Linuxtag review [was: Re: Debian at the Linuxtag 2008 (2008-05-28 to -31, Berlin, Germany)]


Noèl Köthe schrieb:
> Thanks alot to Bastian, Nico, Paul, Ralf, Roland, Thomas and the people
> I forgot for their help running the booth!

I would also like to thank you for staffing and organizing the booth - you all
did a great job!

Save the date: LinuxTag 2009 will take place May, 24th-27th 2009 in Berlin.

As organizers we get quite some questions why there is no  Debian related
track beneath the other distros (FUDCon, openSUSE-Day, ubuntu love day) in our
schedule. So probably we can organize together a Debian day for next year. If
someone of you is interested in helping us with this, drop me a few lines. The
preparations for next year have already started.


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