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Cebit 2008, 04 - 09 March


as you may have noticed from some other mails on this list - I am going
to organize the Debian booth at Cebit again. Currently there aren't that
many details known about it, as soon as I know more I post some follow

The booth will be located within the LinuxPark again, sponsored from
LinuxNewMedia, but I don't know yet where exactly in it. Judging from
past experience we will have 2 exhibitor passes and enough space to have
a PC with a beamer and a seperate infopoint, as well as some space for
posters available. The hardware is available as far as I know, but I
check that soon (same as last year).

As every year there will be a Forum where various talks are held, we are
invited to also give one (or more, if it fits). The current program is
at [1] and the best day probably Saturday, but if someone wants to speak
on Friday that might be possible too. If you are interested in one of
those either mail me and I forward it or directly mail

I personally plan to be around for the whole event (thats about 90% sure
currently), so I need a second one helping out for every day.  Whoever
wants to help please contact me and we get something sorted out. Maybe
it works out like last year, where 2 people had been around the whole
time and multiple others did help out on various day.

[1] http://www.linux-magazin.de/events

bye Joerg
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