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CeBIT 2008?

the CeBIT 2008 is coming up from the 4th to the 9th of march in Hannover,
Germany. So I'd like to know whether Debian will be present or not.

If Debian would be present I could offer to be there for at least one day
(06.02.2008) and help with the booth. I'm a Debian user and have started to
translate a few websites for Debian (my time doesn't allow more right now) and
I'm using Debian on several servers and on some other computers.

So, is there anything planned right now? I haven't found anything in the
archives of this list. Who would be the coordinator?

Kind regards,

P.S.: Please CC me because I'm not subscribed to this list.


Kai Wasserbäch (Kai Wasserbaech)

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