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Re: Fosdem 2008 Videoteam


On Thursday 29 November 2007 02:10, David Noble wrote:
> > FOSDEM is set up pretty much adhoc and, at least for me, is also a lot
> > (or maybe mostly even) about meeting old friends and meeting new people
> > and exchanging ideas, news and beers, so I'm not only not to fond of a
> > _too_ sophisticated setup, but I also dont think it will work (well).
> > Basically too few (or less than said the day before) people show up early
> > in the morning to set things up. (And, as basically always, I'd be happy
> > to see my sceptism proved wrong.)
> I'd hope so too. I will be in Norway from mid-January onwards, so
> perhaps with the help of hermanr, we could get the setup and teardown
> times down to something very minimal. Starting recording on a three
> camera setup could be as simple as attatching the cameras to tripods,
> plugging them into three boxes/laptops and running three commands on one
> of them, so a 15 minute rig time is definitely something I think would
> be feasible.

Last year we had a setup time of (estimated) 10 minutes, for a single camera 
(with mounted mic) plus tripod. (And video projector..)

I dont see we will manage to setup three cameras, three mics, an audio mixer 
and two computers in 15 min. 

Also the room is very small, so we steal an considerable amount of space.

> Audio should be sorted; all things being equal, I should be able to
> bring a small mixer, a couple mics and stands which should be a vast
> improvement over a microphone strapped to a camera!

Please also bring lots of duct tape. We will need to attach the cables on the 
floor, otherwise people are in danger of falling and damaging themselves or 
the setup.

> As for multiple cameras, this is the biggest picture improvement we can
> get at FOSDEM; even if the other two are static, being able to see

We now have this box which has a svga-input and outputs this as svga and dv 
video... IMO having two video stream, main camera and slides, is good enough 
to produce "interesting" videos.

> As for streaming, I agree, it guess it is wishful thinking on my behalf.
> Although it would be cool... :-)

Actually, I now have asked the fosdem organizer about the network situation. 
We'll have: no guarantees and we can plug a network cable to stream to the 
outside. (We need to bring a switch and we need to make sure noone else uses 
it. The audience and speakers and us should use wireless...)

> Perhaps it's an idea to have two or three "responsible people"
> guaranteed to wake up in time to get to FOSDEM before talks.

Thats an excellent and totally useless idea, if it stays an idea. If this 
doesnt happen, we will neither stream nor record.

To make the challange greater, the gear will be more or less distributed 
between different people.

> If we can 
> have a 30 minute margin from when the doors open to the first talk
> starting,

We cant.

15min. Nothing more.

> I am sure that it is entirely feasible to have a multi-camera 
> setup. Again, these difficulties can be to a large degree be smoothed
> out by planning in advance.

We will also need to work in advance and prepare the machines, so that we just 
need to connect the cables, get a dhcp lease and stream. Or we drop streaming 
and just record.


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