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BSP-2008-01 Zuerich Pre-Announcement


this is a pre-announcement for a Bug Squashing Party in Zurich,
Switzerland. The BSP will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 12 and
13 January 2008. An official announcement will follow.

We solicit applications from people abroad. Please state why it is
beneficial to Debian that you attend the Zurich BSP, and include
a price estimate for the travelling, so we can decide who's travel
will be funded.

We are currently talking to some sponsors. If you would be
interested in contributing to the event (via debian.ch, Debian's
official legal entity in Switzerland), please don't hesitate to
write to donate@debian.ch so we can work out the details. Note that
there is no upper limit for the donations we accept. :)

In return for sponsorship, we'd be happy to prominently mention you
in the official announcement, as well as the BSP wiki page, any
blogs about the BSP, and the official report to be sent after the

For more information, please visit the wiki page for now:



	Gürkan Sengün & Mario Iseli

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