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Re: Fosdem 2008 Videoteam


On Sunday 30 September 2007 16:16, David Noble wrote:
> In order to improve the quality of video from Fosdem 2008, I have
> proposed to use a DVswitch setup similar to that used successfully at
> Debconf 7; more on this subject can be found on my original post to
> debconf-video here:
> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20070930.034944.f563b070.en.html

I've now finally replied to that mail (there) and mostly turned it down/raised 
sceptical questions, as I dont believe a big sophisticated setup is sensible 
nor doable.

FOSDEM is set up pretty much adhoc and, at least for me, is also a lot (or 
maybe mostly even) about meeting old friends and meeting new people and 
exchanging ideas, news and beers, so I'm not only not to fond of a _too_ 
sophisticated setup, but I also dont think it will work (well). Basically too 
few (or less than said the day before) people show up early in the morning to 
set things up. (And, as basically always, I'd be happy to see my sceptism 
proved wrong.)

More on the debconf-video list. (FOSDEM is also a Debian Conference! ;)

> As there is a possibility that we may be operating using multiple
> cameras, we would like to do team organisation slightly better. If you
> are interested in helping us out with this, please add yourself to the
> wiki here:
> http://wiki.debian.org/FosdemVideo2008

But I might be totally wrong and this wiki page lists 20 video enthusiasts 
already. I just cannot check at the moment, as I'm sitting in a bus...

> If you would like to participate in active discussion on this, please
> join the #debconf-video channel on OFTC, or use the debconf-video
> mailinglist.

> I understand this is very premature, but I think it would be beneficial
> if all this is well organised, so the production goes as smoothly as
> possible.

I fully agree with this. But, I believe one key is to keep it simple. One 
(operated) camera, no streaming. We definitly should try to improve the audio 
situation, but I dont think its worth/easy/manageble to get much better video 
within the constraints of FOSDEM... 

I'm even unsure if a second (still) camera for the slides and a computer 
running dvswitch is sensible. Last years, we had enough troubles setting up 
one camera in time in the morning. If we manage this again plus setting up 
better audio equiqment, IIll already be very happy. I fear, that if we want to 
add another computer and another camera, we wont make it in time in the 
morning, or those who dont oversleep have a very stressful time in Brussels.


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