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Upcoming exhibitions this year

Here is an overview of upcoming exhibitions this year where Debian involvement
(i.e. a booth and maybe a talk or two) would be appreciated.

   Date     Name                                              City        Country
 Sep 7-8    Kieler Linuxtage                                Kiel          Germany
 Sep 15-16  Italian Debian Community Conference             Venice        Italy
 Sep 15     Software Freedom Day                            everywhere    world
 Sep 19-20  OpenExpo                                        Zürich        Switzerland
 Oct 13-14  Technical Dutch Open Source Event               Eindhoven     Netherlands
 Oct 20     Brandenburger Linux-Infotag                     Brandenburg   Germany
 Oct 23-24  LinuxWorld Expo                                 London        U.K.
 Oct 23-26  Systems                                         Munich        Germany
 Oct 27     Practical Linux                                 Gießen        Germany
 Nov 3      Linux-Info-Tag                                  Dresden       Germany
 Nov 10-11  Come 2 Linux                                    Essen         Germany
 Nov 24     Linuxday                                        Dornbirn      Austria


When you have negotiated a booth or a talk, contact events@debian.org
so that the event can be listed on /events/ on our web pages.



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