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Re: Paperback Cover

Jens Möller wrote:
> I'll take a look at the svg image you pointed to. Why not improve the
> resoltution? I already have two "old" template images from LinuxTag
> 2001 and 2002 both in a resolution that seems to be high enoungh.
> Concerning the cutting marks you added in the PDF file: I made them on
> my own in 2001. The image itself usually is a little bit larger than
> the one to be cut out, I guess. Otherwise you could get white frames or
> stripes at the border of the paperback.
> For that reason I would like to ask joey (?) for response from the
> printing company. How do those want to have the image prepared?

That needs to be answered by those currently in touch with the
company.  Guess that's Joerg or formorer.



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