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Re: Paperback Cover


Op Sun  6 May 2007 om 10:28:53 +0200 schreef Jens Möller:
> I've uploaded an example prototype cover I created this weekend.
> http://www.mrtux.de/lfa/Debian/cover_front_2007-small.png
> It's far from ready but it gives an impression on how the cover could
> look like. I encountered some problems on scaling the supertux images.
> Those are really small. That is why I have left some space at the
> bottom of the Image for the sponsor's logos. They will never fit into
> the boxes.

I believe the shape of the letters "Debian" got a bit mangled.  It
doesn't look the same as the font used at http://www.debian.org/logos/ .
It'd be cool if you'd have some time left to work on that.

Thanks a lot for your efforts!



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