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Re: CD/DVD for Linuxtag? Linux Magazin spezial?

Marko Jung|LinuxTag wrote:
> Hi,
> Also sprach Thomas Lange am 17.04.2007:
> > Are there any plans for creating a CD/DVD with etch for Linuxtag? Any
> > plans for making a Linux Magazin Spezial Heft with Debian?
> LinuxTag is still looking for somebody who masters the official LinuxTag-DVD
> this year. Maybe Debian and LinuxTag can produce together the official
> LinuxTag-DVD. As usual the conference DVD has to contain the LinuxTag data
> (papers, slides, videos and free books) and should include a little bit of
> LinuxTag branding like bootsplash and desktop wallpaper.


there's this cool multi-arch DVD that boots and installs on ia32, amd64 and
powerpc and even contains the corresponding source code.  It's readily
mastered already:


Maybe this is what you are looking for.



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