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Cosin 07

Cosin 2007 -- Bremgarten (AG), Switzerland

Hello european Debian people, I would like to announce to Cosin (chaos
singularity) event 2007 organized by the CCC Zurich, SIUG, trash.net and
the SheGeeks. Cosin is a small congress in a nice location with some
interesting speeches, at the moment I'm also filling out the CFP for my
speech "Introduction to Debian packages". The event will start friday
evening, the 6th July and will end sunday evening, it would be nice if
also other Debian people would participate and maybe give a speech about
Debian related topics. You can get more information on the CFP site on
the wiki under https://wiki.chaostreff.ch/index.php/Cosin_07_CFP. If you
have further questions about sleepplaces or how to get to Bremgarten
please follow-up to the list with your questions.

Mario Iseli

(Copied from the official announcement):

About the event

Cosin is a chaotic event with technical and political content, organised
by people from different Chaostreffs of Switzerland, the CCCZH, the
SheGeeks, the SIUG and trash.net.

Date and place
Cosin takes place from Friday, 6.7.2007 until Sunday, 8.7.2007 at the
same place as last year, the Cultural Centre Bremgarten (KuZeB)
in Aargau (Switzerland).

Cosin is a non-profit event, but we ask for an entrance fee of CHF 10
(~6.2 Euro) for all three days to cover our costs. All income that is
higher than our spendings will go to KuZeB to help cover the costs for
electricity, rent, etc.

Vegetarian meals are offered at KuZeB for CHF 5 each. To help us plan, you are
required to register under https://wiki.chaostreff.ch/index.php/Cosin_eatandsleep.
For sleeping, you may put up your tent in the garden. If you don't have a tent,
just bring your sleeping bag and a camping mat; you'll probably be able to find
a place somewhere. Don't forget your towel.

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