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Re: FOSDEM feedback

Wouter said:
>Those of you who made it to FOSDEM will have noticed me asking for
>feedback. So far I've only received one mail with comments, so I guess
>that must mean it's been a great FOSDEM for more people than just
>myself and that I should (mostly) go on as I've been doing for now.

\o/ :-)

>However, in preparing for the booth this year, it was brought to my
>attention that this year and last year some people of the Debian-UK
>crowd had been at or near the booth all weekend anyway, so that they
>would be able to take care of the money; apparently they wanted to be
>slightly more sure about that. I don't have anything against this, but
>obviously if people don't consider the way I've been organizing things
>to be secure enough, then we need to do it differently.

AIUI it's not necessarily that they wanted to keep track of money, but
some of the people really enjoy working on the booth and talking to
all the random people. (Hi nattie!) Given that, I'm quite happy to let
them stay at the booth. Keeping the formal list of who's in charge at
what time is definitely a good plan, and I'd second the suggestion of
having a printed copy at the booth.

For the record, by my reckoning we sold:

  198 T-shirts
   50 keychains
   10 pendants
   10 pin badges

and some (unknown number) of posters and bags and maybe other stuff.

For that lot we took in EUR 2,981.67.

I've already given Hanna EUR 150 for the cost of the pendants. Pixie
took EUR 74 for the DV tapes bought for recording the devroom and
stock for the video team. I'm about to send EUR 100 to Joerg for the

Anything else will go into debian-uk funds for the rest. If I've
missed anybody out who believes they're owed money (e.g. for the
posters/bags/whatever else), please let me know and we'll sort things
out off-list.

Wouter, thanks very much for doing the booth/devroom organisation yet
again - we love you for it! *grin*

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
Into the distance, a ribbon of black
Stretched to the point of no turning back

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