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Debian presence at 23C3 in Berlin

Dear Debian people,

since 23 years the Chaos Communication Congress (therefore 23C3) takes place 
in Germany at the very end of the year. This year will feature an official 
Debian presence for the first time ever! 

You can read more about the congress and all the interesting talks and 
workshops at http://events.ccc.de/congress/2006/

As there are really lots of interesting events and lots of people who know a 
lot about a variety of things, we are quite unsure how our presence will turn 
out exactly. We will have a table as meeting and discussion point, to answer 
questions like "why was etch not released on Dec 4th?", "when will it be 
released?", "isn't openbsd more secure and more dedicated to freedom?", we 
could use a computer with an TFT-display to show off g-i in more than 50 
languages (but we dont have that machine yet...), and sell a bit of 
merchandise, too.

For all this, we need YOUR help! So if you're involved in Debian (or want to), 
please join us there and indicate that you will be doing so at  
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEventsCCCBerlin - especially if you are from 
Berlin or close by as we need someone to pick up the merchandise stuff from 
an address in Berlin.

The booth will be opened (as in, there will be more or less valuable stuff on 
the table and Debian people around it) every day approximatly from 12.00 
until (at least) 21.00, with a lunchtime break from 15.00 to 16.00. We know 
there will be lots of intersting stuff going on - so it would be real nice if 
you join our chaotic team and staff our "booth" when there are no interesting 
events for you! 

Hope to see you there and chaotic regards,

Holger Levsen & Mario Iseli

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