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Status Wizards of OS


Uff... just a week left till Wizards of OS... and I'm sorry to tell you,
that I didn't had time to do much planing so far for personal reasons :(

So far the situation is as follows:

a) We have a booth
b) We have enough people to man-staff it
c) Meike and I still need accomodation 
   (Anyone near to berlin has still place for two sleeping bags?
   debacle? Sven?)

I'll bring my own workstation (including mirror); we'll get monitor,
keyboard and mouse from LIS/Frank Ronneburg.  If someone has another
(spare) machine available, we could use that one to present the
graphical installer (and installations in general). (If we don't have an
other one, we can still use mine and qemu [or vmware if we fall asleep]).

BTW:  Has anyone heard anything about debian-edu/skolelinux?  At the WOS
two years ago, people were quite interested in that topic; and they were
invited to share a booth with us, but I havn't heard of them :(

Oh, and we'll probaly have some merchandising stuff, too.  Depends on
how much we loose^w give away^w^w sell in Essen ;)

Yours sincerely,

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