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Re: Debian at Wizards of OS - talks,workshops,BOFs?

* Max Vozeler <max@nusquama.org> [2006-07-19 21:06]:
> > > > The Wizards of Open Source
> > > > 14.-16. September 2006
> > > > Berlin, Columbia Hall
> I will probably be there and could help. I've never
> staffed a booth before and so would rather just
> commit to a few hours than organize it myself. :-)

wasnt there a FAQ/HOWTO on this somewhere?

> On the other hand, staffing a booth takes a lot of time/work.

maybe some of the oldhats would like
to come and help?  Joey? Schmehl?

> I can imagine that people at WOS might be interested
> in getting in touch with people involved in Debian.
> How about this: Have a big Debian poster with an A4 sheet or
> something underneath with contact details (mail, phone#)
> of Debian people at the conference, and maybe publish an
> arranged time and place where interested people can meet.

so... talks?  workshops?  birds of a feather meetings?


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