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Re: Debian at Wizards of OS?

begin  quotation  from Nico Golde (in <20060629162834.GG13241@ngolde.de>):
> The Wizards of Open Source congress will take please this 
> year too in Berlin.
> 14.-16. September 2006
> in the Columbia Hall
> The WOS is an international conference mainly about free and open
> source software, free media, free hardware and about the 
> free and open source movement in general.
> Last time Alex Schmehl and me took care of a small booth there.
> What about Debians participation this time? Any plans for 
> it? Alex will you organize the booth again?

Hm. This is 14 days after I return from India, so I will not organize. I am
available for staffing the booth, though.


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