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Debian Day at FrOSCon

During this year's FrOSCon the Debian project will run a one-day
conference on Saturday, June 24th aimed at users and people interested
in the structure of Debian.  The Debian project will also run a booth
and demonstrate the Debian distribution.

FrOSCon is a two day conference on Free Software and Open Source and
revolves around talks, highlighting current topics in Free Software
and Open Source.  Developers will be offered a large Free Software
/ Open Source space, allowing them to organise their own meetings or
even their own lineup of events.

Please find the schedule below:

Slot   Speaker             Title
13:00  Martin Michlmayr    Qualitätssicherung in Freier Software[*]
13:30  Martin Lohmeier     Vorstellung von debianforum.de
14:00  Alexander Wirt      Backporting Packages on backports.org
15:00  Andreas Barth       Debian Etch - Features und Zeitplan
16:00  Joey Schulze        Technik und Pflege der Debian-Webseiten
17:00  Axel Beckert        Wiederbelebungsversuche: Debian auf alter Hardware



[*] Title not confirmed

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