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Linuxtag 2006 - Update

Hi folks, 

here are some news: 

- The Debian Day is now confirmed for the friday. Anybody who wants to give a
  talk should register at the Linuxtag Conference Center [1] and submit the
  talk. You should use Debian Day as category, then I'm able to manage the
  talks in the vcc on my own. I really hope that we could find enough speaker
  to fill in the whole day. (Joey would you mind to mention this in the DWN?)

- I took over organisation of the keysigning party, it will happen on friday
  this year. I haven't provided the website yet, but my infrastructure is
  ready, so if you wan't to participate drop me a mail with nothing but your
  KeyID inside to formorer+kslt2k6. If you have more than one key put each
  KeyID into a line of its own. For more informations about the procedure
  look at weasels page from the last year [2]. 

- We will be provided with several community tickets, so if you are no booth
  member, but want to join Linuxtag drop me a mail and I should be able to
  provide you with a ticket. 

That are all news. 
But most points from my last mail [3] are still open, so if you want to help
debian, just pickup some point and drop me a mail.

We also have a wiki entry now for this event [4], use it :). 

Thats all for now

[1] http://www.linuxtag.org/vcc/
[2] http://www.palfrader.org/ksp-lt2k5.html
[3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-events-eu/2006/03/msg00004.html

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