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Linuxtag 2006

Hi folks,

as there are some rumors that Debian will not attend to the Linuxtag in
Wiesbaden this year I decided to write this mail to clarify some things. 

1) Debian will attend, I submitted Debian as project and we also got accepted
yet :)

2) Due to the reason that the Linuxtag overlaops with this years debian
conference the will be a significant lesser number of DDs available at the
booth than in the last years. But I hope to compensate this otherwise. 

I took over the organisation of this event, but due to my very limited time
I'm not able to do the following things:

- Produce any merchandise stuff, that means no shirts, just posters. I can
  give you some more informations about companies we already worked with if
  you are interested in producing any stuff, just drop me a mail. 
- Produce a DVD. But we are able to provide the images of the Sarge DVDs we
  mastered for the cebit. So if anybody wants to produce some DVD get in
  touch with me

Another open question: 
- They offered us a Debian Day - are there enough speakers available to get
  one managed this year?

I need really help in organizing this, so if you want to get involved drop me
a mail at: contact@events-de.debian.net

Thats all for now


P.S. Please no offers for attending the booth yet. I will setup a wiki page
like we did for the Fosdem and other events to get this managed. 

P.P.S. Please use the contact@ mail address for every communication, this is
red by several persons so your mail won't get lost. 

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