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This week: Solutions Linux 2006, Paris


This week, from Tuesday to Thursday, the usual team of French Debian
Developers will hold the Debian booth at Solutions Linux 2006,
Paris. This event is the largest (commercial) Linux-related event in
France. Our booth will be part of the .Org Pavilion.

This year, the team is composed of:
    * Aurélien GÉRÔME
    * Christian PERRIER
    * Aurélien JARNO
    * Frederic PETERS
    * Loïc MINIER
    * Sven LUTHER
    * Bill ALLOMBERT
    * Josselin MOUETTE
    * Adnène TROJETTE
    * Raphaël HERTZOG
    * Gregory COLPART
    * Frederic LEHOBEY
    * Alexis SUKRIEH
    * ... add to the list all the DDs who will pop by and say hello :-)

If you happen to be near Paris at the time, come by and say hello!
It's a great opportunity to meet and sign keys. The exhibition
takes place at the CNIT, Paris-La Défense (Métro 1, RER A), and will
be open from 9:30am to 6:30pm on Tuesday, from 9:30am to 8:00pm on
Wednesday and from 9:30am to 4:30pm on Thursday.

See you there!


 Julien BLACHE - Debian & GNU/Linux Developer - <jblache@debian.org> 
 Public key available on <http://www.jblache.org> - KeyID: F5D6 5169 
 GPG Fingerprint : 935A 79F1 C8B3 3521 FD62 7CC7 CD61 4FD7 F5D6 5169 

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