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Re: FrOSCon Call For Papers

Hi Marcus,

On Monday, 16 Jan 2006, you wrote:
> The first Free and Open Source Conference ("FrOSCon") [1] takes place on June, 
> 24th and 25th 2006 in Sankt Augustin, near Bonn, Germany.
> Organized by a commited team, it aims to become a significant event for free 
> software in the Rhineland. The conference is hosted by the faculty of 
> Computer Science [2] of the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg 
> [3] in collaboration with the student body and the Linux/Unix User Group 
> Sankt Augustin [4].
>  In a Call for Papers [5], the organizers ask for submission of contributions. 
> A broad variety of topics concerning free and open source software is 
> desired. Particularly welcome are contributions about programming languages, 
> free software on the desktop, security, systems administration and networks. 
> Aspects of free software in busincess and industry are also a focus of the 
> conference.
>  Contributions can be submitted in English or German and should summarize the 
> intended talk concisely and succinctly; talks should range from 45 to 60 
> minutes in length. Deadline for submission is March, 15th 2006.
>  FrOSCon will offer Developer Rooms (just like FOSDEM [6] does) to Open Source 
> projects. These projects can use the rooms to organize developer meetings as 
> well sub-conferences dedicated to their project. Projects that have already 
> registered a room or are interesting in doing so include: Gentoo Linux [7], 
> GNOME [8], Mozilla [9], OpenOffice.org [10], OpenWRT [11], PHP [12], and 
> Wikipedia [13].

Sounds interesting. I think the Debian Project should participate in
that. I am willing to act as contact person between Debian and FrOSCon.
Let's see if we can organize a Dev-Room.


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