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Re: Achat cdrom debian au salon Solutions Linux à Paris

(request about the availability of Debian CD's at Solutions Linux...I
keep the list CC'ed so that others know that it's answered. I answer
in English by courtesy to other readers of this list)

Quoting DUFLOT Jean-Luc (jld78@tele2.fr):
> Bonjour,
> Je ne sais si j'ai choisi le bon interlocuteur chez Debian, sinon 
> veuillez rediriger mon message s'il vous plaît.
> J'aimerais savoir si, au salon Solutions Linux au CNIT paris-La Défense 
> du 31/1 au 2/2, vous distribuez (et vendez) des cdroms de la 
> distribution complète Debian, pour quelqu'un qui n'a pas de connexion 
> Internet rapide ?

We currently *hope* that we'll have some CD's or DVD's but I can't
confirm myself. 

The main problem is actually the price for CD/DVD burning and the
coversheet and such stuff.

So, I can't actually tell you whether we'll have something or not,

PS: we're close neighbours (/me lives in Maurepas)....feel free to get
in touch with me if you happen to come at the booth.

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