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Re: Calendar for seeing all events at a glance

Am Mittwoch 09 November 2005 17:07 schrieb Martin Schulze:
> All I know is www.debian.org/events/ (submissions to
> events@debian.org) and www.infodrom.org/Linux/calendar.html
> (submissions to joey@infodrom.org) alias
> http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/calendar.html
> Details are not available since both should be present at the
> original site they link to.

Hey Joey ;)

Both calendars are still quite empty - the Linuxdays at Geneve and other 
events are missing. 

In my opinion, it would be wise to have something like a map 
representing the places event take place, so people can see at a glance 
what events are in there surrounding. Any volunteers?


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