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Re: representing Debian at SANE Free Software Bazaar, 2006-05-17, Delft, The Netherlands

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005, Joost van Baal wrote:

> Hi,
> At SANE 2006 ( http://www.sane.nl/sane2006/ ), the System Administration
> and Network Engineering Conference May 15-19, Delft, The Netherlands
> there will be a Free Software Bazaar.  Debian is invited to present
> itself with a booth there.
> "On Wednesday afternoon/evening, may 17th, we plan to repeat the
> successful Free Software Bazaar that we started at SANE 2004. The Free
> Software Bazaar is a unique opportunity to meet software developers and
> get involved in the creative process of Free Software. Gather around a
> screen to check out the latest features. Meet people you only know by
> email. Have a heated discussion about choices to be made. Be part of the
> future.  The Bazaar is part of SANE 2006, forming the bridge between the
> tutorials and the conference. Attendance is free, even if not registered
> for the conference."
> If you're willing to get this going, contact Mark Overmeer
> (http://mark.overmeer.net/): he's the one in charge of the Bazaar, and
> he's looking for a person representing the Debian booth crew at SANE.
> I won't be the one representing Debian: I did this job last time; I feel
> it's time for someone else to take the lead now.

Didn't see any replies yet, so that must mean y'all is waitin' for me to
take the bait, right? Okay, will do. Can hardly pass up on an opportunity
to "spread the word" in a place I've been walking around in for so many
years. I'll be contacting Mark Overmeer shortly.

Oh, and that doesn't mean I can handle the booth all on my own; some more
personnel is definitely needed. And equipment. But I'll ask for that again
once I can be sure that people have a calendar for 2006.

Also, I'll do only the booth. If anyone wants to hold a talk or organize a
BoF session, please take the appropriate action yourself.


  Anne Bezemer

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