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Re: Preliminary Systems booth schedule

On Fri, Oct 21, 2005 at 12:43:16PM +0200, Simon Richter wrote:
> I can do the noon shift on Tue (possibly morning as well, but that's
> going to be a long shift) and morning on Thu if desired.

Cool.  Erich said he might be able to make Tuesday morning.  If that
does not work out, I could jump in.

So, update:

                Mon     Tue     Wed     Thu     Fri

Morning         mbanck  erich   stigge  simon

Noon            mbanck  erich   stigge  simon
                        simon   rene    mbanck

Afternoon       abi     abi     stigge  mbanck

> > [...] we are
> > still looking for somebody who could perhaps get the Debian flyer
> > (http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/flyer/flyer.pdf) or the Mike poster
> > (anybody got a link?) printed as a DIN A0 poster (no idea where the
> > poster we had last year went), being refunded for it, of course.
> LRZ? Cost would be 12 EUR per A0 page, however it would have to be
> submitted today (which is difficult for me since I have to get to work
> now) and be picked up Monday (which is late).

Good idea, I'll look into that.  I could pick it up Monday morning I
> > Robert Lemmen might be able to burn around 50 sarge CDs, but we are not
> > sure whether this is worth the effort, looking at the volume of CDs
> > usually handed out at these events.
> Perhaps we could burn some at the booth; 

depends on whether we'll find a burner, Michael's Shuttle does not have
one (and I don't have one lying around, either)

> also it may be good to have netinst (i.e. small) CDs to offer as an
> alternative since they can be created lots faster.

That's a good idea, but do you know where you can buy those at
reasonable prices?


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