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Debian at Educ@tice/Salon de l'Education, Paris (Nov 23-25, 2006)

The Debian project will be represented at the Educ@tice trade show, in
Paris France from Wednesday November 23rd to Friday November 25th at
Paris-Expo, Paris porte de Versailles.

Educ@tice is part of the Educatec trade show, The Educational and
Training Equipment, Systems, Products and Services Trade Show, itself
part of the "Salon de l'Éducation" held in Paris from November 24th to
November 27th.

Educ@tice is dedicated to the uses and applications of information and
communication technologies for education (ICTE).

The Debian project will be represented in the .Org pavillion of the
show and will hold its booth along with a Skolelinux/Debian-edu booth.

Skolelinux is an overall computer solution based on school's resources
and needs. This debian-edu network will be presented by Schlossgul
(http://www.schlossgul.org), members of Skolelinux-fr community.

The participation of French members of the Debian project to a
specialized trade show is an opportunity for Debian to get more
visibility among Free Software organizations acting in the Education

For more information, please contact Christian Perrier
(bubulle@debian.org) or Raphaël Hertzog (hertzog@debian.org).


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