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Re: Linux-Info-Tag Dresden

Hello Sebastian!

Sebastian Feltel <sebastian@feltel.de>:
> Erik Schanze schrieb am 30.09.2005 18:42:
> > As last years Tolimar and I will be there. Gerd Göhler from our
> > local LUG has also confirmed. The Debian booth is registered at
> > http://wiki.silmor.de/lit/ProjektSt_e4nde2005
> >
> > This wiki is used for planning.
> I didn't know this wiki. The LIT DD Website doesn't list this wiki.
It's more or less for internal organisation, but it's public.

> > Any help is greatly appreciated.
> > Perhaps we could build the booths side by side?
> Sound nice. I think we should do it this way.
I look forward to meet you.

Kindly regards,

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