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Re: Debian @ Berlinux?


* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [050731 14:29]:

[ Berlinux ]
> > > I guess that some people from Berlin are reading here and since the
> > > number of Debian developers and interested users is quite high in
> > > Berlin, the booth can be managed by the Berlin people.
> > Last year I managed the booth together with Tolimar, do we
> > want to do this another time in this year?
> I'd rather not move Tolimar again as he's just settling again...
Thanks, but I don't think, I need two months to recover... I'm not
feeling that old, yet ;)

Actually I allready submitted a proposal for a talk and promised someone
to meet him in Berlin in October, so it is high likely, that I will show
up (allthoug I would appreciate if someone else would do the major part
of it).

However, please not, that I might need to cancel that, since Berlinux
seems to conflict with the lecture start at my university, not entirely
sure, if that can be solved.

Yours sincerely,

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