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[LT Infomail#11] Tables, Setting up, Garbage, Problems, Joey - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Tables and Chairs

   There is a general rule of thumb for calculating the number of
   conference tables and chairs that a booth in the exhibition hall
   may use. It goes like this: For every 9 qm there are two tables and
   four chairs. There will be a general storage area for these where
   you can pick chairs and tables on your own.

   If you need more and haven't contacted me already, please come into
   our office and talk to me. I have ordered a few more tables so I
   hope that there will be sufficient, but one never knows. If it
   should happen that some booths have way too few tables on Tuesday
   evening, we need to reconfigure. I hope you'll understand that in
   such a case "table-rich" booths would have to release a table.

   There's a different calculation for the booths in the conference
   building (Stadthalle) based on the plans you've submitted.

   On Saturday, after the event, it would be nice if you could take
   back the tables and chairs to the place where you've got them from
   on Tuesday. That would save us some hours of work collecting all
   tables and chairs again. Thank you.

2. Setting up the booth

   It is probably not possible to enter the exhibition hall by car,
   neither from the Ettlinger Straße nor from the Festplatz. However,
   you can drive on the Festplatz with your car to unload your stuff.
   Upon entering, you'll have to pay a deposit of EUR 100 which you
   will get back if you leave the Festplatz within a period of 60

   If you drive to the Festplatz, please only dump your stuff at the
   booth and move the car to a regular parking ground. Stray cars in
   the hall and on the Festplatz often block the way for others, e.g.

   The booths should be set up ready to use on Monday afternoon.
   Network connectivity should be ready to use on Tuesday
   afternoon/evening. On some booths it may be available on Monday

3. Garbage

   We will provide you with garbage bags in our office. Please drop by
   if you need additional garbage bags. Please drop them at the booth
   in the back area during the exhibition so that visitors are not
   offended by a dirty booth with garbage. You can get as much bags as
   you need, so you don't have to clutter the booth with garbage.

   You would help us a lot if you could move filled up bags to the
   open floor when the show is over (i.e. each evening before you
   leave the booth). The cleansing personnel will pick them up.

4. Problems

   Not everything will go as smooth as one planned it. That seems to
   be a law or something. Hence, if you experience any problems during
   LinuxTag which could be alleviated by the LinuxTag team or for
   which the LinuxTag team is even responsible, please don't hesitate
   to meet Joey in the LinuxTag office and talk to him about the
   problem. The worst thing that could happen is that nothing gets
   changed. However, chances are good that there may be ways to
   mitigate the oddity. The LinuxTag team can only help when they know
   about a problem in time.

   Since we probably won't have enough time to read mail or hang
   around in IRC channels sending mail or "talking" to us via IRC may
   not be the best way to reach us. Hence, please meet us in the

5. Reaching Joey

   When you get this via mail, Joey is already on the way to Karlsruhe
   and, hence, not reliably reachable via mail or IRC anymore.
   Unfortunately, there won't be a working network connection in the
   office on Sunday either. The only way to reach im will be the
   phone, starting on Sunday morning. This also applies to the entire
   next week.
   You'll have to use the phone to get in touch with Joey or others
   from the LinuxTag team. If you need to reach the organisation team
   during LinuxTag or during the days of preparation, you'll also have
   to use the phone or drop by at the office above the Gartenhalle

   The LinuxTag office in Karlsruhe will have the phone number
   +49 721 37204224. If there is a problem during LinuxTag, the last
   four digits represent the internal phone number in case you see an
   internal phone near by.



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