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[LT Infomail#9] /src, Passes, Phone, Keysigning, Storage - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. Develoment Area /src

   Some of you may have noticed two areas in the Stadthalle exhibition
   plan denoted with "/src" and wondered what this areas are about.
   They are intended as a development area where you can sit and work
   when you don't have to bee at the booth and don't want to listen to
   the talks and workshops.

   I will get a power socket and a network socket directed to these
   areas, tables and chairs. Everything else you need to take care of.
   This means, please add an additional power hub to your stuff, some
   network cables and at least some of you should have an additional
   network hub/switch with them. If somebody could provide a router
   (configured for NAT + DHCP) for these area or two 20-30m network
   cables, I'd be glad to use it.

2. Exhibitors Passes

   You'll need either normal entrance tickets or exhibitor passes for
   entering LinuxTag. You can get exhibitor passes on Monday and
   Tuesday from Joey at the LinuxTag office for registered projects

   You can get enough exhibitor passes for the entire project (size
   calculated from the number of people you've added as booth staff)
   if you manage your project's presence. You can either get the pass
   for your own or for the entire project (or a mixture). If you fetch
   the passes for the entire project, please make sure that the other
   project members know this and know a way to get to the passes after
   the show has opened.

   Since our office is located behind the regular entrance, this won't
   work the same way when the show is going on. If you only arrive
   after LinuxTag has already started, you'll have to either get a
   normal entrance ticket, ask your collegues to provide you with an
   exhibitor pass from the inside, or manage to persuade the girls
   that you're from a project and name your name (firstname, surname).

3. Phone Numbers

   It can be helpful if the project admins who are responsible for a
   booth at LinuxTag would leave their mobile phone numbers. In case
   anything unexpected happens when Joey is already in Karlsruhe and
   doesn't have a reliable Internet and mail connection anymore, it
   can be quite helpful to be able to phone around. Hopefully this is
   not required, but according to Murphy everything can happen. He
   doesn't intend to forward the numbers.

4. Keysigning Party

   Peter Palfrader will again organise a [1]keysigning party during
   LinuxTag. If you want to participate, please read his
   [2]instructions. The party will be conducted using Len Sassaman's
   [3]efficient group key signing method. If you intend to
   participate please send your ascii armored public key to
   ksp-lt2k4@palfrader.org no later than by Saturday, June 18th, 2005.
   During LinuxTag the [4]keysigning party will take place on
   Saturday, June 25th at 14 o'clock.

   1. http://alfie.ist.org/projects/gpg-party/gpg-party
   2. http://www.palfrader.org/ksp-lt2k5.html
   3. http://sion.quickie.net/keysigning.txt
   4. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2005/workshop.php3?id=1

5. Storage Space

   We were able to assign a few storage areas in the Gartenhalle where
   you can place your stuff that shouldn't clutter your booth. I
   highly recommend to use such space for idle clothes, water bottles,
   other food, unused boxes and other equipment. In the Stadthalle,
   there should be a few areas that are more or less hidden from the
   visitors which should be used for the same.

   As usuall not all projects booths have direct access to such an
   area so you may have to coordinate with the neighbour booth to
   access the storage area. Of course, please don't overstress this
   during the exhibition. There should be doors or curtains to
   separate the storage area from the booths.

   The storage areas should be accessible through the following
   booths: A61, D144, E121, F21, F81, F101, F109, F122, F124. In
   addition to this the following booths have a direct access to the
   excape route which goes through the unused part of the hall: F85,
   F87, F105, F107.

Best regards,


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