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[LT Infomail#8] Exhibition Plan, Decoration, Posters, Insurance, Lifts, Banners - Debian

[ available in a couple of hours ]

1. New Exhibition Plan

   I am awfully sorry but we had to rearrange some booths in the
   Gartenhalle again. This also affected a number projects booths.
   Several stands are still at the same location where they were four
   days ago, but some (Symlink, OpenWrt, OpenOffice.org, Forth, FSF,
   X.Org, Rocklinux, Multimedia) had to be moved. One benefit is that
   Rocklinux and Multimedia don't have the large pillar in front of
   their booth anymore.

   Please check the map again for your own booth. I really hope the
   plan is final now as it does really cost a lot of time to move all
   the booths around. Since there are external limitations (i.e. the
   booth booth builders have a say as well), the chances are good that
   it's really final now.

   Exhibition plan for the Gartenhalle: [1]PNG, [2]EPS, [3]PS, [4]PDF (full).

   1. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-gartenhalle.png
   2. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-gartenhalle.eps
   3. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~joey/LT2005/aufplanung-gartenhalle.ps
   4. http://hydra.hq.linuxtag.net/~ruth/Plan-LT/LinuxTag-Messeplan.pdf

2. Booth Decoration

   As it is clear where the booths will be located and how they look
   like, you should think about how you want to decorate the booth in

   If your booth will be located in the Gartenhalle, it will be
   surrounded by wall segments that are nearly 1 m wide and about 2 m
   tall. These can be used for posters and explanatory graphics,
   descriptions and the like. The booths will have a ceiling
   construction that also provides lightbulbs.

   If you want to attach a video projector to the ceiling, you'll have
   to be very careful. The construction needs to be visitor-proof,
   i.e. the machine must not be able to fall down. There must be now
   flying cables either. The project also must not interfere with the
   light or be able to fire up the ceiling. Last year, we had to
   dismount a project-contributed projector due to this.

   If your projects booth is located in the foyer of the Stadhalle
   (the conference building, booth numbers X* and Y*) then there will
   be no surrounding walls. Instead we will use the walls on the back
   side of the booths and idle pillars for posters and banners. We
   will also use a couple of movable walls where you can place posters
   as well.

3. Posters

   Please prepare at least one large poster (A1 or A0) to be placed on
   the walls of your booth or an idle pillar so that visitors
   understand what the booth is all about or what the particular
   machine in front of them intends to demonstrate. Without posters or
   other similar stuff the booth will probably look a bit deserted and
   not that interesting.

   If you need assistance or inspiration for large posters, please see
   the [5]FAQ item about this. You can use adhesive tape to fix the
   posters on the walls.

   5. http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/events/LinuxTag2004/faq.html#poster

   If you plan to demonstrate fancy hardware at your booth, it is very
   helpful to describe these particular pieces of hardware in a poster
   or a large sign, so that visitors recognise its value of it or
   notice that it is extraordinary.

4. Insurance

   LinuxTag e.V. can not apply for an additional insurance to cover
   all projects and their equipment. Therefore, you should be very
   careful with the equipment you are going to use. If breaks, it's

   You should also not leave worthy small parts at the booth when
   there are no staff members at the booth (i.e. during the evening
   and morning) when you are outside the exhibition. It should be
   sufficient to place movable parts in a box at the back of the

   You should also not place larger items (like monitors and boxes) in
   the front of the booth in a way so that they can be carried away
   easily. Obeying to these basic rules should help you not lose any
   of your equipment.

5. Organisation of Lifts

   Again this year, there's a [6]Wiki page used for coordinating
   lifts from various places to or back from LinuxTag. If you have a
   spare seat and would like to give a lift or if you are looking for
   a lift yourself, feel free to check that Wiki page and leave your

   6. http://linuxwiki.de/LinuxTag2005/FahrGemeinschaften

   In addition to this, there's another [7]Wiki page for coordinating
   free entrance [8]tickets for members of the community (visitors
   and project members that are not booth staff).

   7. http://linuxwiki.de/LinuxTag2005/KostenloserEintritt
   8. http://www.linuxtag.org/eticket/

6. Banners

   In order to be most helpful for the community it is always helpful
   and a good idea if you are advertising your presence at the
   upcoming LinuxTag as well. There should be several LinuxTag logos
   ([9]yellow and [10]blue I know of at least) that could be used if
   you want to link from a logo to the main page.

    9. http://www.infodrom.org/gifs/lt2kyellow.gif
   10. http://www.infodrom.org/gifs/lt2kblue.gif

   In addition to these simple logos we have also created a set of
   banner images which you could add to your site. Adding a link to
   the LinuxTag website is always appreciated as well and helps us
   since visitors of your site can get more information about the
   event. However, we don't want to enforce this.

   Three banners have been created. Feel free to select one to add it
   to your own website:
   * [11]234x60 (English)
   * [12]234x60 (German)
   * [13]150x150 (German)

   11. http://www.linuxtag.org/2005/de/fileadmin/banner/234x60.png
   12. http://www.linuxtag.org/2005/de/fileadmin/banner/234x60_deutsch.png
   13. http://www.linuxtag.org/2005/de/fileadmin/banner/150x150_deutsch.png

Best wishes,


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