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Re: DVD cover graphics

On 10311 March 1977, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Could the URL to the cover graphics please be posted here?  I guess that
> some people are interested in what the DVD cover will look like.

Hrm, normally the graphics designer should have written a mail to the
list, but doesnt look like its here.

The graphics for the DVD are linked from http://lenn-art.de/debian/
(cover front gets sponsor logos in the red part) and back gets the
missing ones also.

Logo is sarge oriented - which is a small green plastic soldier, hence
the frontpage logo with it (without any weapon, for people that now

bye Joerg
<liw> we have release cycles, that's why it takes so long to get a
release out; if we had release race cars, things would go a lot faster

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