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Linux Vacation/Eastern Europe (Hrodna, Belarus)

Dear Friends,

The Minsk Linux Users Group invites you to take part in "Linux
Vacation/East Europe" (LVEE) that will take place on June 30-July 3,
2005. What does this name stand for? Obviously it is a vacation for
associates who are involved in Free Software and particularly Linux. We
offer to spend 4 unforgettable days on the shore of a lake in a
landscape reserve near the old Belarusian city of Hrodna.

However, simple passive rest is not for the Free Software community,
that's why we provided for a 2 days science conference devoted to the
problems of Free Software.

Web Site and Registration Form


Festival Program

   * 30.06 Thursday – arrival and getting familiar with the
surroundings, opening of the festival
   * 01.07 Friday – conference in the morning, and cultural program in
the afternoon
   * 02.07 Saturday – conference in the morning and cultural program in
the afternoon
   * 03.07 Sunday – closing and departure of the participants 

Conference Call for Participation

Conference goal is to provide open exchange of ideas and experience
between Free Software developers and users, IT workers, system
administrators, specialists and generally anyone who is interested in
Free Software technologies; give them ability to establish personal
contacts. It is planned to print digest of conference papers.

Conference Topics:

   * Free Sofware projects, usage aspects
   * Problems of convertion of informational infrastructures to Free
   * Legal aspects of Free Software licences
   * Free Software and business 

Conference Format:

Reports and workshops, optionally speeches and birds-of-a-feather
sessions. Conference hall, projector and sound will be available.

Papers submission:

Participational application should be submited via email to the science
secretary of the conference before June 27, 2005. Application should

   1) title of report;
   2) full name(s) of author(s);
   3) contact e-mail address;
   4) affiliation and title;
   5) theses in LaTeX or plain text format, total amount up to 20000

Ability of print publication will be reviewed in personal

Science secretary of the LVEE Conference:

Mironchik Pavel Sergeevich
Phone: +375 29 7204267, +375 17 2368346 

Cultural Program

Music, pseudo sports events, films, beer, barbeque. Suggestions are
welcome. Video filming by Indyvideo. There are sport facilities at this
tourist center. It is possible to rent boats and catamarans. The lake is
wonderful for swimming. There will be WiFi connectivity, possibly with
Internet access. Mobile phone connectivity: MTS is not working,
Diallog(Belcel) and Velcom are being checked.


Meals are provided by the organizers. If someone has preferences in food
(special diets, vegetarianism, etc), inform us beforehand or bring the
food you like with you. Beer is not included and is paid for separately.


There are two houses near the lake (24 and 27 places). If there are more
people (during the week end for example), people will be accommodated in
other houses in somewhat distance. The rooms are for 2 (double beds), 4
and 5 people. Electricity. In both houses there are kitchens, WC and
bathroom, refrigerators. There are braziers near the houses. According
to the demands of the tourist center administration and rules of the
landscape reserve no tents and fires are allowed on the territory and
around the tourist center.


Transportation of the participants will be organized in two parts:
Thursday and Saturday. Buses from Hrodna and Minsk. If there are people
who want to organize their arrival on their own from other towns, we can
discuss this. In the first place we mean oblast centers: Brest,
Mahilyow, Vitsyebsk, Homyel.

Cost for Participants

20 thousand BYR or 10 USD for four days, 15 thousand BYR or 7 USD for
two days (weekend: Saturday and Sunday).

Minsk Linux Users Group

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